RECLAIM your body. REFORM your mind. REIMAGINE your life. . .

Reform Athletics believes in individuality and uniqueness. The concept of REimagine, REclaim and REform Training is not a one-size-fits-all fitness program. Because we believe that each individual is unique and not just average, we strive to provide our clients with monitored and customized training.

At Reform Athletics, we want to transform your gym experience, both as an individual and as a group. Reform Athletics offers you exclusive personal and group training classes with master level trainers that will bring you visible results from every angle. The opportunity to REclaim your body, REform your mind and REimagne your life is here.

For more information and a complete list of our offers, please call 917 575-0575 or email We accept checks and all major credit cards.

Our class is a combination of track
& field, circuit and weight training, stretching, emphasizing abdominal and lower back strength, to build endurance, coordination and balance, to improve flexibility and recovery.
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